The army of the kingdom of Lesant

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Training and collocation of the troops

The army of Lesant has mostly no distinction between infantry and cavalry. All soldiers starting with the rank “Equestrel” undergo the same rigorous training, learning both infantry and cavalry skills. This creates a flexible, versatile and adaptable fighting force which also saves resources, as it is more practical to train soldiers to be proficient in multiple roles rather than maintaining separate infantry and cavalry units.

The basic training does not only contain the basics of fighting, but also the basics of battlefield medicine and healing. The weapon training is individual to the kind of weapon the warrior wants to learn. It is possible but rather unusual to switch to another weapon type once the warrior is in service. Some skilled soldiers gain knowledge in several weapons, like crossbow and sword, or two-handed and one-handed swords.

Ranks of the basic units, warriors and commanders

Thalrak (Low-Rank Foot Soldier)

Equestrel (Low-Rank Cavalry Warrior)

Drakodan (Mid-Rank Warrior)

Visual example: Lewis Wilmot “Mercenary” design

Aetherion (High-Rank Warrior)

Visual example: Lewis Wilmot “Warrior” design

Valkyron (Elite-Rank Warrior)

Zenothar (Commander-Rank Warrior)

Uniform and Armor Variations

Special units

Some special units can be combined with the basic ranks of warriors. For example, an Aetherion high-rank warrior can additionally be a Flamewarden.

Some events and locations

Credits: The majority of the ideas came from ChatGPT! Compilation by dracenmarx 2024.