Lewis Wilmot

Fact sheet

Dimension New World
Species Anthro Asian Water Monitor
Gender Male
Height 200 cm = 6'6"
Weight 120 kg = 265 lbs (including tail)
Main residence Lesant
Country of Origin Bakaar Nur
Religion Christianity (converted)
Job(s) Warrior / Warden / Riding Teacher / Mercenary / Bandit
Sexual orientation Bisexual (tending straight), top
Personality Extremely dominant and rough

Life's Journey

Lewis's life in a nutshell

Station 1: Bakaar Nur

Junis ibn Amir was born in Bakaar Nur ("the land of the lizards") in a poor and strict religious family. His parents were horse breeders and cared for the horses of the nobles.

At the age of 16, Junis was sentenced to death by the sword after being accused of bestiality with one of their horses. With his strong will to live, Junis managed to kill one of the guards who captured him and was able to flee from the city. He quickly joined a caravan of refugees heading to the western regions.

The flag of Bakaar Nur
Junis/Lewis with bandanna

Station 2: Escape to Lesant

At the age of 18, Junis arrived in Lesant (a country with mostly furries) after being rejected by the countries he travelled through before.

As requirement to be accepted as refugee, Junis had to convert to Christianity and choose a western name. He decided to call himself "Lewis Wilmot" from now on.

The flag of Lesant
Lewis's baptism

Station 3: Lewis, the warrior

To make a living, Lewis joined the army of the king. With his excellent riding skills which he had gained back home, he was accepted into the cavalry and quickly rose through the ranks. For many years, Lewis had a coal black horse. During a fight, Lewis lost the tip of his tail.

The missing tail tip
Lewis's warrior outfit
Lewis's coal black horse
Lewis's fighting style was extremely aggresive, merciless and offensive. Especially at the beginning, due to the language barrier, he wasn't able to team-play. He mostly crashed into the front lines, killing as many enemies as possible, even becoming jealous when he noticed his allies kill more than him. (He mainly survived this because of luck, but also because the lizard species is stronger than the local species / bunnies).

Later, when he became better at the language, he became a bit more tactial. He also understood that enemies can be defeated easier if he worked together with his allies. The jealousness about kills still remained, probably due some inferiority complex.

The army of the king didn't define a uniform helmet design, so Lewis was free to choose a helmet. He chose a helmet with horns. They made him look taller, and they reminded him of devil's horns, wishing that he would be feared by all his enemies throughout the country?

Lewis's wife and son

At the age of 25, when Lewis wanted to buy a pair of new suede swordsman gloves, he met a 19-year-old bunny girl named Lindy, who owned an equipment store in Blackmoor (province of Lesant; the capital city has the same name as the province itself). They fell in love and got intimate in the side room of the store that same day.

Although Lewis was often away on missions, they he met Lindy regularly. Although the probability of bunnies and lizards reproducing is extremely low and usually impossible, luck shined on Lewis and after six years, he impregnated her. Eventually, she gave birth to their crossbreed son "Philipp" when Lewis was in war.

Portrait of Lindy

The Drake of Esterken

At the age of 32, Lewis had the biggest mission of his life. The king wanted to take over a castle in South Lesant, however, it was nearly impossible to conquer it, as there were too much troops defending it. So Lewis was given the task to somehow trick the troops out of the castle.

Lewis was given a small group of soldiers he would lead to accomplish this mission. Lewis and his troop on horseback raided a small village with civilians, torching down every house, killing men, women and children altogether. Noticing the giant fire in the village, the troops marched out the castle, leaving a weakenes in the castle's defense that would eventually break the siege. Lewis and his troop were already gone when the soldiers arrived at the village.

Due to the big success of the mission, the king rewarded Lewis personally, giving him a free wish. Lewis requested leaving the king's army, and instead becoming a warden in Blackmoor. One reason for this decision was his desire to settle down and live together with Lindy and Philipp in Blackmoor, and the other reason was that this job would allow him to act out his sadism towards prisoners and eventually execute them. The decision was not easy, though.

The king signed a Royal Decree, allowing Lewis to take command of one dungeon of his choosing. Lewis was also given the title "The Drake of Esterken, vanquisher of the Elden", due to the fact that Lewis made excessive use of fire during his mission (and the horns reminded him of fire dragons or the devil).

Station 4: Father, warden and mentor

At the age of 33, Lewis married Lindy and eventually started his career as warden, finally becoming part of the society. Due to his excellent services for the king's forces, the folk accepted Lewis and tolerated his bastard son. However, Lewis never told Lindy about the cruelties he did as warrior or as warden. He never found out if she was too naive to understand the reality, or if she simply suppressed it. Lewis never felt sorry for what he had done, since he (and his fellow warriors) thinks that it is his obligation to be as cruel towards the enemy as possible.

Lewis and Lindy, hand in hand
Lewis reading a book to his son
Warden / Civilian outfit
Job as warden:

The job as warden has 3 duties:
(1) Taking care of the prisoners
(2) Interogation: Trying to get information out of specific prisoners
(3) Execution: Since some prisoners are sentenced to death, Lewis has to perform public executions as commanded by the King, Duke and/or Nobels.

Lewis is a very strict warden who has the control over 12 prisoners. He does not know the names of the prisoners, and don't want to know them. Not knowing the names of his prisoners gives him the ability to abuse them, although he rarely actually tortures by inflicting physical damage. Prisoners who obey and serve will be handled differently and get some liberties (for example, they get more/better food, or may leave the cell to clean out the corridors, while being guarded, of course). One prisoner who is educated, is reading books to Lewis (since he is illiterate).

Layout of the dungeon Lewis is working in
Job as riding teacher:
Beside the work as warden, he was engaged as mentor, teaching young valiants (children who are teached becoming knights) how to ride and how to fight. His long years of experience made him an unique and excellent teacher.

To the very young valiants (who just learned to ride), Lewis was friendly, but to the teenagers, he was very strict and outspoken, telling them a lot of graphic details while teaching them how to fight; however, he tried not to enrage the (nobel) parents of the children and teenagers, knowing that they might hire a different mentor.

Station 5: Lewis, the freelancer / mercenary

For nearly a decade, Lewis managed to vent all his cruelties and sadism at work, and being a loving husband and father. However, over time and when he was under the influence of alcohol, he lost control over his aggressions and began to beat his wife. Eventually, Lindy left Lewis, taking their son with her when she moved out.

Lewis tried many times to get Lindy back, but she rejected all his appeals.

Additional information:

After Philipp grew up, Lindy adopted a goat boy called Chris. At this time, she became an old lady, preferring wearing a purple dress.

Lewis comes back to Lindy

Not wanting to life in Blackmoor anymore, Lewis seeked for more adventures and began travelling through the country, working as freelancer and bounty hunter – sometimes he also worked as mercenary or assassin.

This new outfit consists of mostly the gear from the time when he was a warrior for the King's troops. His helmet, the sword (with insignias), the shield with the Lesand flag etc).

The main difference is the missing tabard with the Lesant colors.

Station 6: The Fallen Stars of Destiny (The Ironclaw Adventures)

At the age of 50, his missions eventually led him to the neighboring country Castel.

Arriving at the small village Queensbridge and staying there for a few days, he dreamed a strange dream of him being a bunny kid, named "Mud", living in Queensbridge, fighting against pumpkins together with his friends. (Ironclaw intro session)

On this stay, Lewis met a group of other mercenaries and eventually went on a long-term mission rescuing the "Fallen Stars of Destiny". During this mission, he found out, that he is one of these fallen stars. Lewis is touched by the idea that something as glory and beautiful as a fallen star was reborn in the body of a poor lizard who is not noble or special by any means, having such a bad personality as his and being anything but nice to others.

At the age of 51 and during that mission, he met a horse man named Gart in a tavern in Llandover (Castel) which he really liked. But he had to continue the journey.

Station 7: Back to Llandover

At the age of 55, after the successful long-term mission, the group split and Lewis came back to Llandover to meet the horse again. Eventually, they became boyfriends. Lewis promised to never kill again, and settled down, becoming a peaceful civilian. Lewis helped Gart at his farm.

Station 8: Lewis, the bandit

When Lewis was 59 years old, Gart was murdered as revenge by a necromancer which Lewis had defeated in one of his prior missions. Full of hate and losing any hope, Lewis became a bandit, founded and led a group of criminals and pillagers. Soon, he was a highly feared killer and rapist.

Station 9: The demise of Lewis

At the age of 65, a group of knights struck down Lewis and his group of bandits. Lewis managed to flee from the defeated troop, but was then trampled by one of the knight's horses. His corpse was dragged through the town, while the folk spat at him and cheered at the proud knights on their white horses.

The sword, which has accompanied Lewis through his whole life and killed several hundreds of good and bad people was preserved and brought to a museum where it can be viewed down to the present day.

The last moments in Lewis's life