Jace Romeo

Fact sheet

Dimension Planet Earth
Species Mix between Frog and Asian Water Monitor
Gender Male
Height 160 cm = 5'3''
Weight 60 kg = 132 lbs
Nationality Balklands
Country of Origin Balklands
Religion Atheist
Job(s) Farmer
Sexual orientation Gay (anthro), Bisexual (feral)
Personality Rude and asocial
Frog Attributes
Lizard Attributes
- Skin (color)
- Long, webbed toes
- No claws at fingers or toes
- Headshape (mix)
- Tongue
- No tail
- Skin (texture)
- Plantigrade foot shape
- No web between fingers
- Headshape (mix)
- Pupils (round shape)

Chapter 1: Childhood and farm life

Just a few weeks before his father Lewis fled from the Balklands, he had a few short-lived relationships. One of them resulted in a frog girl becoming pregnant, and Jace was born. A mixture between lizard and a frog.

Jace grew up at a farm in the balklands in a farm. After his mother passed away he was all alone, but managed to keep the farm and taking care of everything. Don't having any social interactions, Jace became an outsider.

Being reliant on income from selling farm products like milk, Jace is very accurate at his work and has a high quality standard. He doesn't trust machines much, so he rather milks the cows by hand.

Which products does Jace's farm sell?
All kind of animal products (except meat, as he does not kill his animals)
- Hay and wheat
- Vegetables (Potatoes, sugar beet, oilseeds, etc.)

The flag of the Balklands

Chapter 2: Meeting his father

On a winter night, Lewis, who was a truck driver for DinoShippingCorp, had a delivery towards the Balklands, near the location where he once lived. It was very strange to visit this place again. The Balklands have changed. There is not so much poverty anymore and the population density is much higher than it used to be.

Lewis wondered what happened to the frog girl (and actually, wanted to have another one-night stand). But arrived at the farm, he just found Jace. The lizardman learned that the frog girl has passed away many years ago and that Jace is apparently his son.

Jace was not very excited to see his father who has left him alone all the time. But he decided to let Lewis stay there for a few days. Lewis kept helping Jace work on the farm and it turned out that they had a lot of similarities and shared interests.

Eventually, Lewis quit his job as a trucker and began to work full-time at Jace's farm.

It was hard for Jace to have someone new in his life. Nearly his whole life he was alone and just had his animals and no social interaction (except for selling products like milk to customers). Lewis was his first partner, which was very weird. Over time, the two became close together, up to a sexual relationship.

A few years later, they founded a company together, naked Jace Lewis Animals, Ltd.

Related persons

Lewis Resmond is his father

Frog girl who is his mother